Why Brumbee?

BrumbeeTM in-wheel electric vehicle technology can replace any conventional petrol, diesel, or electric drive train, converting it into an


This patented technology enables total design flexibility across small to medium vehicles such as city cars, quad bikes, sedans, and resort vehicles

BrumbeeTM is the first in-wheel electric vehicle technology to stabilise differences in driving force and slip when wheels simultaneously encounter different types of surfaces.

      BrumbeeTM patented technology:

  • An excellent solution for 4-seat city cars and small sedans;
  • Overcomes the deadly rollover issues of quad bikes and ATVs;
  • Turns the humble golf cart into a multi-function 4WD resort vehicle; and
  • Has many industrial and military applications, including 4-wheel powered trailers.


Brumbee's technology provides enormous benefits for most smaller vehicles and has many industrial and defence applications.


Brumbee's patented technology adjusts each wheel so fast the driver and passengers never feel the effects of differing terrain that has traditionally led to poor road-holding and bad handling with previous attempts to use in-wheel motors.

About Brumbee

After 10 years' of R&D, the Brumbee technology has now proven itself in field trials.

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