Small Sedans and City Cars

BrumbeeTM provides an excellent solution for small sedans and city cars,

BrumbeeTM technology no longer needs to have space taken up by a motor, gearbox and trans-axle. With 4 in-wheel motors, excellent accommodation for 4 people can be achieved in an extremely small vehicle.

  • Maximised cabin space
  • Over 120 Nm torque
  • Efficient electricity usage
  • Standard GPO charging
  • Solar charging
  • Inductive charging
  • 4 wheel drive





Quad bikes and ATVs

Quad bikes and ATVs suffer from roll-over problems because the engine, gearbox and differentials need to be well above the ground for clearance.

With Brumbee technology the motors are built into the wheels so a very large portion of the mass is near the axles. And, without a motor and transmission, the driver position can be much lower and there will be increased ground clearance.

A Brumbee ATV will be almost impossible to roll-over. Feedback from farmers has been excellent.

  • 4 wheel drive
  • Extremely low centre of gravity
  • Reduces roll-over issues
  • No longer a death trap
  • Reduced speed when standing
  • No transmission clearance issues
  • Efficient electricity usage
  • Standard GPO charging
  • Ideal farm vehicle




Four seats - facing forward

Easy access for rear passengers

Resort Vehicles

For resort applications, Brumbee technology removes the large set of batteries, motor, drive gears and differential from the inside of the vehicle. The motors are located inside the wheels and, effectively, take up no space.
Large, heavy lead-acid batteries are replaced by small lightweight Lithium batteries which can be placed under the floor pan or inside the rear bumper.
Rear passengers' feet can be placed in the void previously taken by batteries, motor and transmission.

  • 4 wheel drive
  • Standard GPO charging
    • No need for special charging stations
    • May be re-charged anywhere within the resort
  • Solar charging on roof
    • Extends battery range
    • Reduces need for re-charging when used for golf
  • Inductive charging
    • Permits re-charging whenever vehicle is parked in a designated parking area
  • 4 seats facing forward
  • Regenerative and dynamic braking
    • Handles around 90% of braking, including downhill
    • Re-charges battery when braking or with foot off throttle
  • Very light
  • Child drive mode
  • Instantly convert between golf & resort
  • Can be used on formed and gravel paths, grass, sand, wilderness and in rainforests




Quick and simple conversion for golf