Driving surfaces are not always smooth. So BrumbeeTM engineers had to develop a way to stabilize differences in driving force and slip when wheels simultaneously encounter different types of surfaces.

In addition, on rougher surfaces, the vertical force changes, and may even induce separation between the wheel and the surface, where the vertical force is zero. This leads to a varying friction force between the tyre and the surface, which results in each wheel wanting to turn at a different speed. When the vertical force is reduced and/or the friction force is small, the wheel may begin to spin.

Where any of these forces and actions occurs or changes suddenly, the road-holding and handling of the vehicle is negatively impacted and the driver and passengers become uncomfortable and uneasy.



The real-time combination of master and wheel controllers also provides anti-lock braking (ABS), active traction control (ATC) and an electronic limited-slip differential to all 4 wheels.

The advanced Brumbee technology provides the ability to handle the most challenging conditions experienced on wilderness and rainforest trails, beaches and sand dunes and golf courses that are wet or dry.


With 4 wheel drive, anti-lock braking, active traction control, electronic limited-slip differential and the patented Brumbee technology, rainforests with mud, gravel, sand and big bumps can be negotiated with ease.