Technical Specifications

Based on E-Z-GO RXV. (Not modified for resort configuration to allow testing on golf courses.)


  • 4 x 1kW direct drive hub motors with 30 N.m torque per motor. Torque is constant at all speeds. Maximum speed up to 50 kph.
    • 30% more power to the wheels than a conventional golf cart.
  • Nominal 48v operating voltage, can be over-voltaged by 50% on demand to deliver 1.5kW/wheel for superior uphill performance.
  • No gears or transmission (no loss of efficiency).


  • Brumbee Master + 4 x Intelligent-Slave configuration (patented) with LCD driver display.
  • Proprietary RS-485 local area network (LAN) for noise-free controller communication.
  • Modified Sine-wave for maximum torque and minimal noise.
  • Regenerative braking (charges batteries when braking or no throttle)
  • Anti-lock braking; active traction control; electronic limited-slip differential; GPS-enhanced.


  • 4 x 48v/10 Amp.Hr LiFePO4 batteries; 30 Amp drive and 20 Amp charge currents.
  • Typical range is 50 km (4-5 rounds of golf).
  • Charge vehicle from standard 240v/10A GPO (no special charging facilities required).
  • Capable of inductive charging at all designated parking spaces (under development).

Solar Boost: Attached to roof (currently under development)

  • Small: 3 x 20 Watt (@54v) (0.47 m2) – provides 8 – 12 Amp.Hr in a typical day
    • Extends range to 75 km
  • Large: 3 x 80 Watt (@54v) (1.3 m2) – provides 30 – 45 Amp.Hr in a typical day
    • Extends range to 200 km or maintains full charge all day for golf